What Is WUN-Wake Up Now Overview



What Is Wun? Wake Up Now!

What Is Wun


If you’re here looking for information about Wake Up Now…I got you covered.


So here is my 100% honest review of Wake Up Now.

So…In a nutshell…

Wake Up Now is a company founded by a man named Kirby Cochran. The company has been around for more than 4 years now. At first Kirby was unable to get really good growth his first few years. Now  Wake Up Now has seen exponential growth, especially in 2013 and 2014. Wake Up Now has grown so much that it’s now the #1 network marketing company to be in, with its numbers projected to double by next year.

What Wake Up Now provides is software solutions to live a better lifestyle. So they basically provide you with resources to better live the lifestyle your currently living. 

Here are just some of what you get when you join Wake Up Now:

  • Discounts to places Like Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Macy’s, Office Depot and many more
  • Discounts on Groceries: Who couldn’t benefit from that right??
  • Mobile Phone Provider Discounts: 22% off monthly bill for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile
  • Discounts On Vacations: If you’re someone who loves to travel and travels often then our Vacation Club will be right up your alley.

What Is Wun



 Wake up Now

Wake Up Now’s compensation plan is actually really good. Unlike most companies, 12 people gets you a quick $600 a month residual income. That’s really the honest reason why most people are joining.

Now, there is an initial sign up fee w of $99. And that $99 is monthly (which some people just so happen to “fail to mention”). However, by getting only 3 people, the $99 fee gets waived. (Cant beat that)

 This chart will help you understand the breakdown a little bit better



I will say this…Not everyone is meant for this industry. That’s just the truth. However, you never really now until you get in and try. I mean really try. There are some people who join,who barely talk to anyone. You do have to put in the effort. But you can definitely earn a substantial amount of money in this company if you’re willing to put the work in. No if ands or buts.

There are other factors as well. Like who you’re sponsor is, the training you receive and what you do once you receive the training. 

But I can say this with certainty. If you were going to join a network marketing company, Wake Up Now is the company to join. The commission structure is to lucrative. On top of that, the products the offer you can actually use in your daily life. So you’re not selling things people don’t need. Everyone can benefit from the company. 

What Is Wun- Are You Qualified To Join?

So that was my honest review of the company. Now you just have to decide if Wake Up Now is right for you. If you do decide to join, know you will get all the support you need. The Wake Up Now Dream team is one of the biggest and most successful teams in the company because of the leadership.  So skill level is unimportant. 

“Only the strong survive in life. So its either make your way or get it handed to you.”

Well…if you know that you got what it takes to make it happen…

Click the sign up button below. 

wake up now







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